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Health & Protection Insurance  

Established in 2003, we help UK companies large and small and private families and individuals, including those living abroad, find and compare private health insurance, healthcare cash plans, income protection, life, serious and critical illness cover and travel insurance for pre-existing conditions, from a wide range of leading insurers that best fit your particular needs.

Private health insurance

Let us help you source and choose the health insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.  

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Travel Insurance

Protect your loved ones

Choose a life cover policy that will provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

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  • A lady in her sixties, 50% of her premiums without loss of cover for pre-existing conditions

  • A couple 32% and removed significant penalties for making claims

  • A large firm 16% of their policy costs and increased their cover


We recommend the policy that best fits your needs


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We insure our factories, plant and machinery, our houses and our cars and protect ourselves against public liability, but how well do we look after our income generators and lifestyle protectors - our employees and our families?


In this column we plan to keep you informed about new ways to protect your business, your family and your lifestyle that you have worked  hard to create.  read more